Please Note: These labs were updated in March, 2017 and remain current as of May, 2018. The embedded videos were updated in August 2017.

Please note: The National Library of Medicine does not endorse any particular product, service, or developer.

Community Health Mapping Lab Exercises

These lab exercises take the student through the entire Community Health Mapping Workflow from field data collection through online data presentation. They are also available on YouTube.

Lab 0: Community Health Map Introduction and Reference (PDF 1.11 Mb)


Lab 1: Field Data Collection (PDF 1.70 Mb)


Lab 2: Bringing Field Data into QGIS (PDF 2.82 Mb)

Lab 2 Exercise Data (Zip File – 1.61MB)


Lab 3: Combining Field Data with other Organizational Data (PDF 2.23 Mb)

Lab 3 Exercise Data (Zip FIle -8.98 Mb)


Lab 4: Basic Spatial Analysis (PDF 2.30 Mb)

Lab 4 Exercise Data (Zip File -11.9 Mb)


Lab 5: Cartography with QGIS (PDF 2.30 Mb)

Lab 5 Exercise Data (Zip FIle -6.09 Mb)


Lab 6: Data Visualization with Carto (PDF 1.90 Mb)

Lab 6 Exercise Data (Zip FIle -2.4 Mb)

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